Since some people needs to travel with less stuff due to the connections and nature of their trips as well as others planning a trekking or trip from different destinations away from their home, then we have decided to make your Trekking adventure easy.

Do not bother yourself on where you are going to get the trekking gears camping equipment because we care for you and need you to reach your Goals, we have got all the trekking/Hiking gears for you at a very minimal rental cost to make your dream come true.

Even if you have already Organized your Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking/Mount Meru Hiking with another company no problems just let us know and we will help you get the best hiking equipment.

Packing List
Packing List

Also we have Outdoor/camping equipment for rental for other adventures such as Safaris, we have got table, chairs, mattress, sleeping bags, cooking gas, and much more.

Contacyt us today for your need and we will be there for you in a minute.

The following is Packing list for your Kili climb (what you should bring) and its rental price in case you are missing them or some of them don’t worry because we have got them for you at a very minimal cost for rent at our equipment storage

1.Sleeping bag that can serve up to -20 Celsius $ 20

2.Balaclava/ski mask $5

3.Gloves $5

4.Rain Jacket $10

5.Down Jacket/ $ 15

6.Long pants $ 15

7.Warm Trouser $15

8.Wind Jacket $ 10

9.Head Lamp $10

10.Getters one pair $5

Packing List
Packing List

11.Water bottles $5

12.Boots/Hiking shoes $ 20

13.Poles $10 pair

13.warm Hut/cap hat $5

14.Sun Glass $5

15.Sun Lotion

16.Diamox (available in Moshi Pharmacy)/ Doctor recommended attitude sickness Pills not necessary


18.Warm Jacket $15

19.Wind Trouser $10

20.Two or three pairs of heavy sox $ 5 per pair

22.Thermal top $10

23.Thermal down $10

24.Oxygen cylinder $120 per trip

25.Rain Trouser $25

However all the mentioned above equipments is available for rent at mentioned cost just in case some people need to rent some equipment from here, to reduce the burden of carrying a lot of stuff then we got everything for your trekking.

Enjoy Climbing with us and we will always take you to the top of Africa.

Packing List

Head lamp

Packing List

Hiking polls

Packing List

Oxygen cylinder

Packing List

Sleeping Bag

Packing List

Trekking Bag

Packing List

Trekking Shoes

Packing List