The Northern beach area extends up from Kendwa to Nungwi village. Kendwa is an excellent beach, but traditionally the location for hippy ‘traveller’ style accommodation and reggae bars. Further up, but benefiting from the beautiful beach aspect here, are big hotels, such as the whopping Gemma dell Este, mainly populated by package tours and a large Italian clientele; not everyone’s cup of tea. Further on and you reach Nungwi village, a built up version of Kendwa and one of the few places on the entire island where there is any form of nightlife beyond your hotel. The Z Hotel is the best westernised lodge here and would suit a group of young professionals seeking a party. On the very northernmost pinnacle of the Island, 30 minutes walk from Nungwi Village, is Ras Nungwi beach, arguably the best on the island. This area has smaller, more discreet hotels and less people. Ras Nungwi is the best lodge here and a lodge that over the years has proved to offer reliably good service and accommodation standards. It is one of our favourites on the island, and the clear leader in its price bracket. The North East beach runs from Matemwe to Pongwe…

Zanzibar Northern Beach

The beach is more deep set and properly shaded by palm trees. At either end of this stretch you’ll find beautiful, secluded areas and smaller accommodation. The central stretch is dominated by big hotels like the Fairmont, Ocean Paradise and the Kempinski. Right up the top end of the beach, Matemwe Bungalows and the exclusive Matemwe Retreat are the best lodges in the area and again, two of our favourite lodges on the island.

Further down the beach lies Mchanga Beach Lodge, a fairly new eight roomed lodge that has a beautifully laid back atmosphere and doesn’t permit children! All the hotels here head out to the Mnemba Atoll for Zanzibar’s best snorkelling and diving. At the other end of this beach region is Pongwe Beach Hotel, a highly recommended no-frills little beach lodge in a remote spot with a fantastic beach. In the middle section of the beach, perched on a cliff top is Shooting Star , another excellent mid-range hotel perched over a beautiful stretch of beach.